Founded in May 2017, we want to build up a network of Christian postgraduates all over Switzerland.

We believe, we face similar challenges in academic life and can encourage each other. Sharing experiences, receiving support and coming together in the name of Christ can support us in leading a healthy postgrad life.

We usually meet every last Friday of the month, when we invite a speaker or discuss relevant topics, for example in the field of apologetics. Of course, the social aspect of sharing a meal and getting to know each other will not be left out! Our meetings will always be held in English, so that everyone can participate.

We also want to provide a platform for you to learn about events, weekends  or seminars aimed at postgraduates. For this we also rely on YOU to share such news.

We are a part of VBG, a movement of Christian students and professionals in Switzerland. Belonging to the  International Fellowship of Evangelical Students IFES we see ourselves as a small piece in the worldwide family of Christian academics.