Dear all,

This year we will partly team up with iCafe, the English-speaking part of the Christian student association VBG Zurich. Its aim is bringing together Swiss and international students and academics, enabling cultural exchange and creating a place where everyone can feel at home.

iCafe usually meets every Thursday at 19:30 for dinner at Zeltweg 18, Zurich, first floor, with the main programme taking place 20:30 – 22:00. We will join them once a month for a dinner and a talk, and then split off to have our own discussion of that evening’s topic:

23 September: iCafe Welcome party – no theme this night, just come and say hi
21 October: How can God allow suffering?
4 November: The neu­ro­sci­ence of giving
16 December: Sacred pathway – different ways to reach God
27 January: Ice skating

We will continue to use our mailing list as our main method of communication. Let us know via the contact form on this website if you wish to be on the list.

The Team